Jim Jones spent more than 50 years in the finishing industry, you can now find him soaring high above the clouds these days as a pilot of his own planes after retiring from DIFCO in Georgia.

We talk with Chris Trimino, Vice President of Operations at Sav-On Plating in Phoenix, Arizona, about how, if a part is made in the U.S. and headed to Mexico to be assembled, then Sav-On Plating seeks to be a stop on the way.

We talk with Rich DePoto, Business Development Manager with Uyemura International, on the future of plating EV parts with Silver.

We catch up with Kevin Wedge, General Manager of Pro Powder in South Haven, Michigan, who saw a significant need to automate the facility’s coating line three years ago in order to get better quality and repeatability.


After 25 years working in shops, five years working for a supplier, and 10 years running his own sales business, Marko Duffy now finds himself running an electroplating shop in Danvers, Massachusetts, near his hometown.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be sending a PFAS questionnaire to electroplaters to collect data for the agency’s planned revision of the metal finishing and electroplating guidelines.

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